Craft Beer in Vietnam

For comprehensive details on Vietnam’s Beer Scene please visit:

Vietnam Craft Beer

Visit beerVN for the most comprehensive information on the beer scene in Vietnam.

Craft Beer in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Craft Beer Asia made a trip to Saigon in February of 2016 and we experienced the blossoming craft beer scene in that city.

Craft Breweries

Pasteur Street Brewing

Te Te Craft Beer

Fuzzy Logic Brewing


Craft Beer Bars




Hello, we can use your help. Send any details you can on:

1. Craft Breweries

2. Brewpubs

3. Importers of Craft Beer

4. Craft Beer Bars

5. Events

12 Responses to Craft Beer in Vietnam

  1. beervn says:

    Hi, you can link to my site, i have all the microbreweries and the latest updates. Many opens and closes in one-two year so sometimes people have old info.

    • Ben Balangon says:

      HI Jonathan, can you provide me the contact persons for this microbreweries as I wanted to offer microfill and seam equipment

      Best regards,

      • beervn says:

        Hi, since they all are small. contact legend beer and Goldmalt throug their official channels. The smaller is impossible by email… J

  2. dkatharine says:

    Zebrafish is a new bottle shop in Saigon. Mostly UK and Belgian beers. You can drink at the store. Also on my blog under Vietnam

  3. Daniel says:

    Hi to all beer lover,
    Hobby Brewer Vietnam Club founded 2008 welcome you on our next member meeting. Check out here: soon we also start with our online shop

  4. maria clark says:

    does anyone know where I can find bamboo beer??

  5. Hello Beer Lovers in Saigon!

    Britz Craft Beer Pub is now open.

    Britz is a gastro pub offering 8 craft beers on tap and great British Pub Food. Our mainstay brews are:

    Bonaventura IPA
    Teberg’s Toast APA
    Beerjolais – Barley Wine
    and Iron Duke Ale
    Wheetbixx – Wheat Beer

    We also carry other craft brewer’s products:

    Fuzzy Logic – Dirty Blond
    Pasteur – Saigon Saison

    We are located at 17 Cao Trieu Phat, Tan Phong, (Phu My Hung), District 7, HCMC, Vietnam.

  6. Felipe says:

    Where can I find good IPA in Hanoi?

  7. Amanda says:

    How about Platinum Pale Ale, Golden Ale?

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