Interview – Jay Duan of North Taiwan Brewing

North Taiwan brewing has certainly made waves since opening, with consistent awards in recent years. Their ever popular fruit beers – especially their Lychee – have made it overseas into various markets including Singapore. My impression of them was a brewery which only made fruit beers – until I came across their full lineup whichContinue reading “Interview – Jay Duan of North Taiwan Brewing”

Strand Brewing: Your Friendly Neighborhood Watering Hole in Guangzhou

By Hector Flores – Craft Beer Asia’s China Correspondent Led by the intrepid David Strand and his wife Xurry, Strand Brewing is the vanguard for craft brewing in thirsty Guangzhou.  With Shanghai and Beijing the current darlings of the craft brewing scene in China, the southern region of the Middle Kingdom can easily be lostContinue reading “Strand Brewing: Your Friendly Neighborhood Watering Hole in Guangzhou”