Celtic Pride, Boston Style: St. Paddy’s Day Weekend at Maloney’s

I recently asked Maloney's Pub & Grill owner, and Maloney's Brewing Co. owner, Brendan Maloney about his pub's upcoming St. Paddy's Day plans. (Pics courtesy of Brendan Maloney)  What will the St. Paddy’s Day atmosphere be like at your pub? The atmosphere is pretty lively with people, Irish or not, getting wasted on green beer... Continue Reading →


Meet the Brewer: Shanghai’s Boxing Cat Brewery Visits Mikkeller Seoul Tomorrow

Boxing Cat Brewery has been a craft beer staple of Shanghai since 2008. With three locations in Shanghai, plus another kitchen and taphouse, Boxing Cat is coming to South Korea tomorrow (Feb 20th, 2016) for the first time—at least for a little while. Tomorrow, beer geeks from Seoul get a chance to try Boxing Cat's most... Continue Reading →

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