Manila: A World Class City Full of Culinary Delights, Friendly People and CRAFT BEER!

Manila, Philippines is a Craft Beer destination in Southeast Asia with taprooms, bars, breweries and restaurants throughout the city serving great food and world class craft beer.

Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest: Day One Photo Album and Tips

Day one of the third annual Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest is in the books, and day two is currently underway. If you haven’t gone yet: GO! This might literally be the best craft beer festival I’ve ever attended. Why? A full review will be up next week but for now there’s two main reasons: JoeContinue reading “Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest: Day One Photo Album and Tips”

Myanmar Joins the Craft Beer Revolution

by Luke Corbin While the rest of mainland Southeast Asia has seen a steady increase in craft beer over the last decade, one country has missed out. It’s fair to say that options for locally produced, fresh craft beer brewed in styles other than the standard rice lagers and pilsners have been lacking in MyanmarContinue reading “Myanmar Joins the Craft Beer Revolution”

The Expats Guide to Beer in Thailand

A fantastic resource from MikeE’s Travels – The Expats Guide to Beer in Thailand. The article summarizes local beers, imported European Beers, imported craft beers as well as places to enjoy our favorite beverage. Also check out our updated Thailand Craft Beer Directory.

Himawari Microbrewery – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Article by Diana Powell (Visit her Travel Blog) Hoppy beer does exist in SE Asia and it can be found at Himawari Microbrewery in Phnom Penh. The Microbrewery is inside the Himawari Hotel but they have lovely outside seating right by the Mekong River. The beer is actually pretty good. We had the Centennial IPAContinue reading “Himawari Microbrewery – Phnom Penh, Cambodia”