Spotlight: On Tap Fresh Beer

On Tap fresh beer has been raising some froth in Singapore lately. Following up on Smith Street Taps lead in draft beers cum hawker fare, they have established themselves at a number of locations – ex Newton, Serangoon Gardens, Chinatown Complex in addition to the production joint in Bukit Batok. Production facility? Yes, we’re getting there –Continue reading “Spotlight: On Tap Fresh Beer”

The “Craft” in Craft Beer

Everyone, at some point in their alcoholic lives, would have wondered: Why is craft beer called craft beer? Surely, it shouldn’t have anything to do with facts and figures about how many billion litres it ships out a year, contrary to what the Brewers Association might think. Craft beer has always been complex blend ofContinue reading “The “Craft” in Craft Beer”

Interview with Michael Jordan – Brewmaster at Boxing Cat Brewery, Shanghai

Craftbeerasia speaks with Michael Jordan(beer, not basketball) about brewing beer in China, and his current stint as brewmaster of Boxing Cat Brewery, Shanghai. Boxing Cat Brewery opened in 2008 and has since expanded to 3 brewpub venues as well as a new spin-off, the Liquid Laundry Kitchen and Brew. China has come a long way with craftContinue reading “Interview with Michael Jordan – Brewmaster at Boxing Cat Brewery, Shanghai”

The People Behind The Pints – Meet The Craft Breweries of Hong Kong

What’s been going on in Hong Kong, you might ask? Well, if you’re talking about beer – 11 breweries have come into being in just under 2 years! Written by Jonathan So, guest writer for Craft Beer Asia. Based in Hong Kong, he is the founder of Beertopia, the city’s largest craft beer festival, whichContinue reading “The People Behind The Pints – Meet The Craft Breweries of Hong Kong”

Archipelago’s New Head – New Horizons

At the Beerfest Asia 2015 trade event I had the opportunity to get up close with Archipelago’s new Head – Malcolm Davies – who enthusiastically shared his plans and vision for the local brewery. A bit of background: Archipelago is Singapore’s first and oldest brewery – founded in 1931. Falling under the Asia Pacific BreweriesContinue reading “Archipelago’s New Head – New Horizons”