Manila: A World Class City Full of Culinary Delights, Friendly People and CRAFT BEER!

Manila, Philippines is a Craft Beer destination in Southeast Asia with taprooms, bars, breweries and restaurants throughout the city serving great food and world class craft beer.

Meet the Brewer Masters at Maloney’s

This Saturday, November 21st 2015 at 3pm, Maloney’s Pub and Grill will host an educational craft beer event and tasting in Kyungridan for beer lovers, foodies, homebrewers, and anyone interested in joining the booming beer industry. There will be four beers served with four different foods as well as talks, quizzes, prizes, and live music.Continue reading “Meet the Brewer Masters at Maloney’s”

The People Behind The Pints – Meet The Craft Breweries of Hong Kong

What’s been going on in Hong Kong, you might ask? Well, if you’re talking about beer – 11 breweries have come into being in just under 2 years! Written by Jonathan So, guest writer for Craft Beer Asia. Based in Hong Kong, he is the founder of Beertopia, the city’s largest craft beer festival, whichContinue reading “The People Behind The Pints – Meet The Craft Breweries of Hong Kong”

Interview with Bryan Do – Founder, The Hand and Malt Brewing Company, Korea

Craftbeerasia: How did craft brewing take root for Korea – given that big breweries like Hite-Jinro, Oriental Brewery and Lotte Liquor have dominated the landscape for many years? Bryan: Craft beer really started in 2001 when the government eased entry for brew pubs in Korea before the 2002 World Cup. Dozens if not hundreds ofContinue reading “Interview with Bryan Do – Founder, The Hand and Malt Brewing Company, Korea”

Korea Craft Brewery Tour

Korea Craft Brewery opened in July 2014 and started offering tours in October 2014. Troy Zitzelsberger, of Reilly’s Taphouse and founder of the Seoul Brew Club, arranged the tour with some of us fellow SBC members. About a dozen of us met at the Hamilton Hotel on a crisp November afternoon, ready for the ninetyContinue reading “Korea Craft Brewery Tour”