Beerfest Asia 2015 Thoughts

I attended the trade event for Beerfest Asia 2015. All in all it was a good opportunity to meet fellow local brewers, local distributors and share a couple of beers. Here are some thoughts I had on the event: Archipelago was holding a beer-and-food-pairing workshop in partnership with the employment and employability institute.  I thoughtContinue reading “Beerfest Asia 2015 Thoughts”

Seoul’s Craft Beer Fest 2013

– By Rob Shelley in Seoul The end of 2013 witnessed an important moment for craft beer in Seoul Food Week at COEX just wrapped up early this November, featuring a huge space for the food and restaurant industry to display and market their products to commercial buyers and regular customers, alike. However, the showContinue reading “Seoul’s Craft Beer Fest 2013”

Craft Beer Asia Experiences Singapore’s Brewpubs During Beerfest Asia 2013

Craft Beer Asia was privileged to attend Beerfest Asia in June of 2013. While we were not revelling at the festival site, we toured a few of Singapore’s brewpubs who are putting the Craft into Craft Beer and leading the way in Asia. Brewerkz at Riverside Point was a very North American Style brewpub offeringContinue reading “Craft Beer Asia Experiences Singapore’s Brewpubs During Beerfest Asia 2013”