Craft Beer in Singapore


Stay tuned, we are gathering and processing information. your input is appreciated. Please email us any information that may be useful to us.

Singapore has become the Hot Bed of Craft Beer in SE Asia in recent years. The Island Nation is home to the annual Asia Beerfest and Singapore Craft Beer Week, SE Asias first Craft Beer Week.

The city has several brewpubs dotting the landscape and some craft breweries (microbreweries) producing quality beers that are distributed locally as well as exported to select markets in the region.

Singapore Craft Beer Week: Website | Facebook

Beerfest Asia: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Craft Breweries and Brewpubs in Singapore

Jungle Brewing: { Now Closed }

Hospoda Microbrewery { Facebook } Czech Craft Beer in Singapore

Archipelago Brewing Company: { Website | Facebook | Twitter }

Brewerkz: { Website | Facebook | Twitter }

Red Dot Brewhouse: { Website | Facebook | Twitter }

Level 33 Craft-Brewery: { Website | Facebook | Twitter }

Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore: { Website | Facebook | Twitter }

The Pump Room: { Website | Facebook | Twitter }

Tawandang Microbrewery: { Website | Facebook | Twitter }

Starker Fresh Beer Singapore: { Website | Facebook | Twitter }

Blue Bali on Cluny: { Website | Facebook | Twitter }

6 Responses to Craft Beer in Singapore

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  2. BW Wine Group is the top supplier of American Craft Beers in Singapore.

  3. Bali Tour says:

    Nice article
    Thanks for the information

  4. AB Hunter says:

    Heads up guys. Jungle Beer left Singapore about a year ago; he’s hoping to re-start Jungle in Bangalore, India. Great place – sad to see it go. There is another cool little ‘nano-brew’ on the fringe of Singapore Botanic Gardens called Blu Bali. Unfortunate name, but some decent food and some adventurous beers being pumped out. Hope this helps.

  5. skinnybrewer says:

    Thanks for the comments – we’re working hard to add content!

  6. HopsConnect says:

    there are now 3 more
    1. 1925
    2. Hospoda
    3. Little Island

    no doubt more to come…

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