News and Events in Korea


(updated Nov. 9, 2017)

(Nov. 9) BusanAbnormal Taphouse and Cantina celebrated the Korean debut of Abnormal Beer Co.’s “Crushability,” “a hazy-style pale ale that is like nothing else you’ve tried in town! Crushability (5.0% ABV / 0 IBUs) is a super-drinkable hazy pale ale with strong notes of citrus. Brewed using a mix of Citra, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops, you’ll be crushing glass after tasty glass before you even know what hit you.”

(Nov. 9) Korea-wideKabrew, one of Korea’s oldest and largest craft brewers, is seeking a new head brewer for their newly-completed second brewery. Applications must be submitted by Nov. 17. Full details can be found here.

(Nov. 7) Seoul – Hop Mori recently introduced Juicy: an 8% NE IPA that promises to be super dank and fruity.


(updated Nov. 13, 2017)

Busan Beer Olympics


BUSAN–Can this end well? Who knows, at least it will end by raising money for a good cause! Three of the Gwangan area’s finest drinking establishments–Galmegi Brewing, HQ Bar and Beached–are holding a “Beer Olympics” event on Saturday, Nov. 18, to benefit We-Hope Busan. More information below:

The prizes

🥇50,000 bar tab in each bar
🥈30,000 bar tab in each bar
🥉15,000 bar tab in each bar

Not ones to let PyeongChang have all the fun we will be hosting our very own unique olympics down here in Busan, of the beer kind!

Do you have what it takes to compete? Have you been training all your life for this moment? Are you already eagerly dusting off your training clothes ready for your moment of glory?

Teams of 4 will compete in 6 events across 3 bars featuring some popular drinking and traditional bar games. We will test your skill, your wit, your abilities to work as a team and most importantly your ability to have fun!

Starting in Galmegi brewing in Gwangan the course will pass through Beached bar with the event coming to an exciting climax at HQ. In true olympic style athletes and spectators will be able to enjoy the post games after party with live music from the band Cicade State who are traveling all the way down from Seoul for this event.

Entrance will be free, the prizes are going to be amazing and the best bit? The more you drink the more money will go to charity!

Please sign up your teams (of 4) on the wall, team colours or costume is strongly encouraged and get ready to have fun! If you would like to join in as a spectator we will need a few people to help us at the different stations to keep track of the scores.

Funk Fest (Brett) Trois

BUSANWild Wave Brewing is holding the third “sour beer celebration” on Dec. 9 at their Songjeong brewery. It’s called “Funk Fest (Brett) Trois.” From their Facebook page:

For the third year in a row, we will be holding a sour beer celebration with talks on sour beer making from professional and a home brewers. We will hold a tasting of saisons that have had different brett strains added at bottling time, as well as a wide variety of sour beers. 

The entrance fee is that you must bring a bottle of sour beer to share, and we may have a small fee included this year for food to be provided with the tasting.

If you are a BJCP judge, we are working with the BJCP to give non-judging points to people who attend.

3년 연속 사우어맥주 행사를 개최합니다. 본모임에서는 프로와 홈브루어들이 사우어 맥주 양조에 관한 발표를 진행할 계획입니다. 다양한 사우어 맥주들의 시음과 더불어, 병입시에 서로 다른 브렛을 넣은 세종을 시음하고자 합니다.

입장료(!)로서 함께 나눌 사우어 맥주 1병 지참이 필수이며, 올해에는 음식 비용을 약간 걷을 수도 있습니다.

참석하시는분중 BJCP 심사관에게는 “비심사점수”를 부여할 수 있도록 BJCP와 논의중입니다. 

Have Korea craft beer news to share? Let John Dunphy, the Korea liaison, know by email:


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