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(updated March 3, 2018)

NATIONWIDE, specifically Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Ulsan, Gyeonggi-do- Here’s a pretty cool event set for Friday, March 9 starting at 6pm at 10 different breweries throughout the country, including popular Seoul spots like Hand & Malt and Table, and Busan big shots like Galmegi Brewing Company and Gorilla. Try a glass of the new Perilla Leaf Saison for 1,000 won until the keg is kicked. Afterward, enjoy the beer the rest of the night for 5,000 won a glass. More information, in English and Korean, is after the pics.

[ DRINK LOCAL PROJECT – 깻잎 한 잔 세종 출시 EVENT ]
함께 외치는 DRINK LOCAL, 그 첫번째 프로젝트!

깻잎 한 잔 세종의 론칭 이벤트가 3월 9일 금요일 열립니다. 서울부터 부산까지, 전국 10개의 매장에서 동시에 진행되는 이 특별한 이벤트, 한국 수제 맥주를 지지하신다면, 저희와 함께 DRINK LOCAL을 외쳐주세요! 

#깻잎한잔세종 #Drink_Local
일정 : 3월 9일(금) 오후 6시부터,
장소: 전국 10개 브루어리 직영 탭하우스

오후 6시부터, 깻잎 한 잔 세종 1잔(1인)을 1,000원에 드립니다(1KEG 소진 시 종료)

2. ONE DAY AT 5,000 WON
KICK THE KEG 이벤트를 놓치셨어도 아쉬워하지 마세요. 3/9(금) 하루 동안, 깻잎 한 잔 세종을 5,000원으로 즐기실 수 있으니까요!

The launch event for the “Perilla Leaf Saison” in collaboration with 10 major LOCAL breweries of the Korea Brewers Association will be held on March 9th (next Friday) all over the country. We’ll offer a glass of Perilla Leaf Saison for 1,000 won until a keg is gone starting from 6PM. After the keg is kicked you it will still be available for 5,000 won all day. You can participate in this launch event at 10 taphouses. If you support local breweries, join this event and shout “Drink Local” together!

Have Korea craft beer news to share? Let John Dunphy, the Korea liaison, know by email:

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