Seoul – Itaewon

Itaewon (Itaewon Station, Line 6)

Itaewon is the foreign district in Seoul. Much of the craft beer culture has centered in this area. It is rapidly gentrifying and, whether or not you think that’s a good thing, craft beer is plentiful here.

The Four Seasons: Itaewon Station, Exit #4

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Behind the main street, down past Geckos and across the alley from The Wolfhound. The Four Seasons sits atop the Seoul Homebrew shop.

This is small with minimal food, but has a cozy charm. The semi-basement room has sunlight pouring threw its high windows. It also has an interesting, varied, and rotating selection of beers. My favorite, which isn’t offered anymore, was the Coconut Stout.

Beers start at around 5,500won.


The Booth Itaewon: Itaewon Exit 1

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This location is in the alley behind the Hamilton Hotel. You need to find Mogul Indian restaurant and climb up the impressive stairway, pass the restaurant, and keep going up!

The Booth is as famous for its greasy, simple, and totally delicious pizza as is it for craft beer. The Booth is another place to get a glass of craft beer for 5,000won. They currently offer a stout ice cream float. The Booth has several locations including Itaewon, Kyungridan, Gangnam, Bangbae, and even in Busan!



Pyrus Taphouse and Bistro: Western Itaewon, near the gate.

Formally called Lovibond, this location has a small wood and brick basement bar on the main drag of Itaewon. Their selection is growing. They have two original beers: an Espresso Stout and a Tropical Pale Ale.

Pyrus beers start at 6,000won.


The Springs Taphouse


The Springs Taphouse is a Canadian import from British Columbia’s Mission Springs Brewery. This Itaewon location, across from the Hamilton Hotel and nearby Geckos, is their third location (after Kyungridan and Cheongdam). They sell very good pizza and beer, although the price is a little higher than some other places.


Little Ale


Little Ale is, well, little. It sits right in one of Itaewon’s coolest alleys across from Wolfhound and next door to The Four Seasons pub.



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  3. RS Parker says:

    Reilly’s and Craftworks both appear to be dead! May 20, 2016.

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