Seoul – Kyungridan

Kyungridan (near Noksapyeong Station, Exit 2)

Kyungridan is slower behind the gentrified curve than Itaewon. It is just a short walk away from Western Itaewon and is where a lot of hip places started opening up after rents went up in Itaewon. Craftworks, the originator, has its first location here. Nearby is an alley (turn right at The Baker’s Table) that is perhaps the best little craft beer alley in Asia.

Maloney’s Pub & Grill

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Up the hill in Kyungridan, on the right side, past the church, a few steps up a tiny alley.

Maloney’s is perhaps the first true pub in the neighbourhood, and an early craft beer pioneer. It’s a very comfortable spot with friendly staff, good food, and great prices. Maloney’s now has its own brewing company that makes the delicious Southie Irish Red Ale with plans to soon offer a Combat Zone IPA and a seasonal brew.




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Past Craftworks, turn right at The Baker’s Table.

Magpie is one of the first craft beer companies in Seoul. They have another location in Hongdae and one down in Jeju-do. Magpie serves their own beer, offering quality and uniqueness. Magpie is one of the only places in town to get a high-quality glass of homebrew for 5,000won! They also offer homebrewing classes and have a basement section that serves fantastic pizza.



The Booth Kyungridan/Beer for Geeks

Past Craftworks, turn right at The Baker’s Table. Next to Magpie.

The Booth is as famous for its greasy, simple, and totally delicious pizza as is it for craft beer. The Booth is another place to get a glass of craft beer for 5,000won. They currently offer a stout ice cream float. The Booth has several locations including Itaewon, Kyungridan, Gangnam, Bangbae, and even in Busan!

Beer for Geeks is operated by The Booth and offers excellent Mikkeller beers on tap.



 Update (Jan 27th): Beer for Geeks has been intermittently opened and closed. 

The Bottle Shop

Same alley as The Booth, Magpie, Beer for Geeks and others. The Bottle Shop offers a great selection of bottles and, although nearby Woori Super may beat them in price, The Bottle Shop has very excellent cold-chain procedures. That means your beer is consistently delicious without any random skunks.

Woori Super


Right between Magpie and The Bottle Shop, this formerly ordinary CV is now one of the most exciting bottles shops in the country.

Craftworks Namsan

The original Craftworks, this location may one day become a landmark! It was where I first feel in love with craft beer back in 2012 and it really helped make this neighborhood the beer mecca of Korea.

Facebook: Craftworks Taphouse Namsan


The Springs Taphouse

The first The Springs location from Mission Springs brewery in British Columbia. They serve great pizza and beer, just like their locations in Cheongdam and Itaewon.

Check out my piece on The Springs Taphouse from Dec 2014.

Facebook: The Springs Tap House


Heaven For a “G”

Heaven For a “G” is a relatively new location in the alley with Magpie, The Booth, and The Bottle Shop. They have a nitro tap and serve Bruworks Coffee along with Whasoo Brewery beers and Brew Dog imports.

Facebook: Heaven For a “G” – 헤븐포어지


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