Seoul – Gangnam


(Gangnam Station, Sinnonhyeon Station, Gangnam-gu Office, Seolleung Station)

 Updated April 2nd, 2016

Gangnam Station North (Exits 10 & 11)

Gangnam 1
The main shopping off of Gangnam’s main drag (Gangnam Daero) is here, north of exits 10 & 11. Lots of restaurants and even new craft spots are opening up all the time.



Craft Hans: Gangnam Station Exit 9

Exit 9 Gangnam Station. Turn right down the few steps and into the alley. Take a quick left and then right to get into the parallel alley, still heading north. Craft Hans is just a few minutes ahead on foot. It’s on the third floor. If you reach Woodstock or Rainbow, turn around because you’ve just missed it by a few steps. From Gangnam daero, it’s behind the Mixxo and Giordano.

This is a very solid beer pub with craft beer as cheap as 4,500. Beer is brewed at Ka-Brew and they also have over 30 bottles. Food is very decent. Check out my review of it here.

UPDATE: Nov 23rd – I’ve been back a few times since. As is usual with Ka-Brew/Kapa, the beer was very inconsistent. I had the pale ale I liked so much and it’s head had huge bubbles and the beer tasted so harsh and slightly vegetal that I couldn’t even finish it. I went back again, and the beer was fine again but this time the burger was weird: it was slightly cold and had a soft, mushy bun that fell to pieces.

The Booth Gangnam 2nd: Gangnam Station Exit 11

20150221_164803 20150221_164811

Gangnam Station Exit 11. Go straight, and turn right past McDonald’s. Keep going straight, through the first ally, and turn right just up the hill. It’s tucked away, but not impossible to find.

I like this location better than the other one in Gangnam. There’s more seating and it’s a little closer to all the other places I like to visit in Gangnam. It’s also (fingers crossed) not as crazy busy as the other Gangnam location.

The Booth Gangnam 2nd Homepage

Address: 서울시 강남구 역삼동 817-3 1-2층

Woodstock: Gangnam Station Exit 9





Go straight ahead until, on your left, you see a building with Jaws food, King of Kimbop, Black Party and/or Whiskey Weasel. Go through the building to the other side. Turn left and you’ll see Rainbow on your left and, on the second floor, is Woodstock on your right. If you’re coming from Gangnam daero (main street), it’s a full block behind Mixxo and Giordano.

Woodstock is my personal hangout. I love the atmosphere and the staff. Super friendly, and a great LP bar that always plays good music. Woodstock has some craft beer, and it can get a little pricey. My go-to beer is Heretic’s Evil Twin for KRW9,000. It’s malty and hoppy and just hits the spot when playing a game of darts and listening to Shirley Bassey belt out a wicked version of “Light My Fire.”


Gangnam Station South (Exits 5 & 6)

Gangnam SOuth

The Booth Gangnam: Gangnam Station Exit 5

20140208_142836 20140208_180317

Exit 5 Gangnam station, take your first left. It’s on the second floor of a nondescript building and it took me 30min to find it my first time because of no signage! :O This has since been fixed! 😀

The Booth is as famous for its greasy, simple, and totally delicious pizza as is it for craft beer. The Booth is another place to get a glass of craft beer for 5,000won. This location is their first in Gangnam and can get quite busy in the evenings. I prefer the Gangnam 2nd location.

The Booth Facebook, The Booth Homepage

Address: 서울시 서초구 서초동 1330번지 2층

Funky Taphouse: Gangnam Station Exit 5

Opened in early 2015, the Funky Taphouse offers a Korean-style food menu with a craft beer menu highlighted by Pogona Brewing beers.


Sinnonhyeon Station

You can also get to Austin BBQ and New York Brick Oven by coming out Gangnam Station Exit 11 and turning right just before the CGV cinema. Walk up the hill with Coco Curry on the corner. Friendly Zip is a strange cafe/store with some bottles and cans of craft beer to take out.

Boutique B: Sinnonhyeon Exit 2


Out of Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 2, walk a few blocks and turn left at the big rounded glass building with a Juno Hair in it. You’ll pass a Popeye’s Chicken on your right, Mania Street and Charlie Pub on your left. Go about three blocks in. You’ll also pass Tattoo Korea on your right. Just ahead, near a Merry Christmas store, you’ll finally see it!

This is a bottle shop, the first one I know about in all Gangnam! The prices were very decent, as was the selection. There’s six seats at a table inside, and their Facebook page shows food, but to me it seemed best as a grab-and-go place.

UPDATE (Fall 2015): The last time I was there it didn’t open at 6pm, although it used to be open at 5:30 when I got off work. A girl did show up around 6pm, unlocked the door, and went inside without acknowledging that I was clearly waiting for it to open up. She promptly left, locked up, and tried to walk away without addressing the fact that I was still waiting. I tried to ask her what was up, and she rudely said she didn’t know. I’ve yet to ever go back.
UPDATE (April 2nd, 2016): I messaged them and they said that they now open at 7pm.


Daily Beer: Kyobo Tower

This new chicken and craft beer place (featured in The Beer Post’s Batch 004) is near Sinnonhyeon Exit 7, just around the corner from Kyobo Tower.

It’s pretty simple, but refreshing. Most new craft beer restaurants are pairing pizza and beer, it’s nice to have the craft spin on chicken and beer. They serve only a few beers: Platinum stout, wit, and pilsner along with Indica IPA. Prices are reasonable at 6,500-7,500won. The chicken and french fries are very solid. The atmosphere is is friendly and nice.

Band of Brewers: Seolleung Station Exits 1,2

20140523_221346 20140712_184249







A great beer pub between Yeoksam and Daechi, Band of Brewers also offers a food menu and their own recipes brewed at The Table. This was the first location I tasted Mikkeller at, and the first location offering craft beer in my backyard.

Band of Brewer’s Facebook

강남구 대치동 896-27, Seoul, Korea

Hopscotch: Gangnam-gu Office Exit 3

credit Hopscotch1
Photo provided by Hopscotch
credit Hopscotch2
Photo provided by Hopscotch






I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet, but it has come highly recommended. This is what they have to say: “Hopscotch is a hidden gem in Nonhyeon Dong with a members only feel. We carry the whole line up from The Hand and Malt Brewery as well as a variety of Belgium beer. If you are not a beer drinker, we have a large selection of single malt whiskey.”

Address: Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon dong 113-20.

In the alleyway behind the Kia Motors dealership.

Nearest subway: Gangnam-gu Office, Exit 3

(Thanks to ZenKimchi for the directions)

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