South Korea’s second biggest city, the shipbuilding and beach city of Busan is a cultural and commercial giant in its own right. As of late, Busan has a happening craft beer scene located around Gwangalli Beach including Galmegi, Owl and Pussy Cat, Six Pack, and Craft Brewer (Wild Waves Brewing).

Gwangan Taphouse

Galmegi’s closest location to the beach, Gwangan Taphouse offers the best of Galmegi and other craft beers. Located right below West Coast Taco, the Gwangan Taphouse is a great stop for food and drink.

Gwangalli Beach

Facebook: Gwangan Taphouse

Web: http://gwangantaphouse.com/

Galmegi Brewery

This is where the Galmegi magic happens. This brewpub is the flagship of Gwangan’s craft beer scene.


Facebook: 갈매기 브루잉 – Galmegi Brewing

Web: http://www.galmegibrewing.com/the-brewery/

Owl and Pussy Cat (OPC) Bottle Shop

OPC have a bottle shop and a kitchen/taphouse within about a 3min walk from each other. Their bottle shop is a little further away from the beach, just across the road from Galmegi Brewery.

Facebook: OPC Bottle Shop

Owl and Pussy Cat Taproom and Restaurant

The OPC Kitchen and Taproom has a wonderful view of the beach and is located just before the Gwangan Taphouse.

Facebook: OPC Brewing Co.

Web: http://www.owlandpussycat.kr/

Wild Waves

wild waves facebook 2
Photo from Wild Waves Facebook page.

Wild Waves is a brewery started by Pooh Brews of Craft Brewer (an awesome homebrew shop near all these Gwangalli Beach craft beer spots). Wild Waves specializes in sour ales, and they’ve made a big impact on the beer geeks of Korea already. Look for their beers in Seoul at Four Seasons, Pong Dang, and Red Cottage.

Facebook: 와일드웨이브 – Wild Waves Brewing

Galmegi Brewing Haeundae

Since The Booth closed their Haeundae beach location in the summer of 2015, Galmegi has taken up the torch. Haeundae is the busiest beach, and one of the busiest tourist locations, in all of Korea. It’s surprising how badly Gwangalli Beach outclasses them in the craft beer scene. Perhaps this Galmegi location, which opened near the end of 2015, will help change that.

galmegi haeundae

Facebook: Galmegi Brewing Haeundae – 갈매기브루잉해운대

Web: http://www.galmegibrewing.com/galmegi-haeundae/




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