Ni hao and welcome to CraftBeerAsia’s China section.

We’re building a directory of craft breweries, brewpubs, taphouses, and other businesses; a listing of news and upcoming events; as well as a catalog of articles, reviews, previews, and interviews by our writers as well as links to external sites.

In short, we want to be EVERYTHING craft beer in China, all in English.

Navigate our menu at the top, or click the links below for resources.


Chinese Craft Beer Directories

News and Events

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10 Replies to “China”

  1. Brick is spamming another site. The guy doesn’t produce anything – not a brewer – he just sells past dated bottles of imported brews.

  2. Topshelf Asia is the importer for Brewdog and Tuatara craft into China. We are looking for suitable applicants for the positions of Operations Manager and Regoinal Sales Manager.

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