Craft Beer in China

Hops Magazine { Website } | Hops is the only magazine in China dedicated exclusively to beer culture.

Chinese Craft Breweries Directory

…coming soon.

Craft Beer Importers

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8 Responses to Craft Beer in China

  1. Brick says:

    please have a look, a visit, and a chat. thanks and continue the great work!

  2. GLCS says:

    Brick is spamming another site. The guy doesn’t produce anything – not a brewer – he just sells past dated bottles of imported brews.

  3. Stephen says:

    Hey Fellas, I started the Guangzhou Homebrew Association and we have events almost every month. Check out our website!

  4. jennifer says:

    Hi everyone, we are the importer of BrewDog, Tuatara, Rogue and Merchants & Co in China. Looking for some good business partners. Please add our wechat (ID: topshelfasia), or Facebook(Topshelfasia), check out our website:

  5. Sean Kelly says:

    Topshelf Asia is the importer for Brewdog and Tuatara craft into China. We are looking for suitable applicants for the positions of Operations Manager and Regoinal Sales Manager.

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