Spotlight: Redpoint Brewing Company – Taiwan

Many countries in Asia are growing thirsty for craft beer. Although developments have not been as rapid in Taiwan, more homegrown breweries are churning out vessels of their brews as we speak. Over time, craft beer has caught up, with a band of 20-ish breweries open today and growing. Numerous bars and venues are addingContinue reading “Spotlight: Redpoint Brewing Company – Taiwan”

Spotlight: On Tap Fresh Beer

On Tap fresh beer has been raising some froth in Singapore lately. Following up on Smith Street Taps lead in draft beers cum hawker fare, they have established themselves at a number of locations – ex Newton, Serangoon Gardens, Chinatown Complex in addition to the production joint in Bukit Batok. Production facility? Yes, we’re getting there –Continue reading “Spotlight: On Tap Fresh Beer”

First BJCP Exam in Singapore

On the 5th of December 2015 – we had a first – a BJCP tasting exam conducted in Singapore. In the past, the best options available to us were to either take the exam in locations such as Hong Kong or Australia, but the Singapore Craft Brew Club and Neo Say Wee successfully coordinated withContinue reading “First BJCP Exam in Singapore”

Gateway Beers!

Remember that one beer, that sticks out clearly in your mind… the one that said to you – what if beer could taste like more? We all have that particular memory of a beer which changed our perception and palates, and the word to describe that would be… Gateway beer! 

Interview – Jay Duan of North Taiwan Brewing

North Taiwan brewing has certainly made waves since opening, with consistent awards in recent years. Their ever popular fruit beers – especially their Lychee – have made it overseas into various markets including Singapore. My impression of them was a brewery which only made fruit beers – until I came across their full lineup whichContinue reading “Interview – Jay Duan of North Taiwan Brewing”

Spotlight Shanghai: Interview with Fraser Kennedy

Fraser Kennedy is a New Zealander who has made his way to brew for the Dr. Beer brewpub in Shanghai, China. For a young brewer in his mid twenties, that’s certainly no easy feat. Craft Beer Asia has the story.

The struggle of “small beer”…

Once upon a time, big breweries ruled the country. They served a need – to provide affordable, sessionable alcohol for relaxation, and people bought into that need. Not that there was much of a choice. Over decades, “big beer” had total control of beer – from supply to culture. Isn’t it scary to think of theContinue reading “The struggle of “small beer”…”

The “Craft” in Craft Beer

Everyone, at some point in their alcoholic lives, would have wondered: Why is craft beer called craft beer? Surely, it shouldn’t have anything to do with facts and figures about how many billion litres it ships out a year, contrary to what the Brewers Association might think. Craft beer has always been complex blend ofContinue reading “The “Craft” in Craft Beer”

Interview with Michael Jordan – Brewmaster at Boxing Cat Brewery, Shanghai

Craftbeerasia speaks with Michael Jordan(beer, not basketball) about brewing beer in China, and his current stint as brewmaster of Boxing Cat Brewery, Shanghai. Boxing Cat Brewery opened in 2008 and has since expanded to 3 brewpub venues as well as a new spin-off, the Liquid Laundry Kitchen and Brew. China has come a long way with craftContinue reading “Interview with Michael Jordan – Brewmaster at Boxing Cat Brewery, Shanghai”