Review: Getting Hammered at The Forge, Jeonpo, Busan, South Korea

Visit enough places in a certain city, or country, etc., and certain themes and trends begin to emerge.In South Korea, at least in Busan, South Korea, these include projections onto concrete walls, inoffensive western rock music from the 70s and 80s, craft beer and seemingly nonsense writing peppered hither and yon.The Forge Taphouse, in the... Continue Reading →


Review: SKÖLL Gastropub, Seomyeon, Busan, South Korea

The Swedish word "sköll" is used when making a toast. It's also an easy name for folks speaking various different languages across various different cultures to remember for a gastropub looking to draw an international audience. SKÖLL, in the heart of Busan's Seomyeon downtown area, has a lot going for it right from the start.... Continue Reading →

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