Cebu Craft Beer by Diane M.

Cebu City is the mother of all cities being the oldest city in the Philippines. The center of trade and industry hub in the Visayas and hailed as the “Queen City of the South.” The city has a lot of interesting history. Interesting facts that will make you want to visit the beautiful Visayan city.Continue reading “Cebu Craft Beer by Diane M.”

Manila: A World Class City Full of Culinary Delights, Friendly People and CRAFT BEER!

Manila, Philippines is a Craft Beer destination in Southeast Asia with taprooms, bars, breweries and restaurants throughout the city serving great food and world class craft beer.

Hanoi’s New Brewpub – Turtle Lake Brewing Co.

Article submitted by Jonathan Gharbi from Beer VN The new brewpub in Hanoi; Turtle Lake Brewing Company is stating the fact that the thirst for craft beer in Hanoi is as unstoppable as noodles in the night. Turtle Lake Brewing Co in Hanoi There was a big wave in 2016 with several new craft breweries inContinue reading “Hanoi’s New Brewpub – Turtle Lake Brewing Co.”

Myanmar Joins the Craft Beer Revolution

by Luke Corbin While the rest of mainland Southeast Asia has seen a steady increase in craft beer over the last decade, one country has missed out. It’s fair to say that options for locally produced, fresh craft beer brewed in styles other than the standard rice lagers and pilsners have been lacking in MyanmarContinue reading “Myanmar Joins the Craft Beer Revolution”

Happy new Beer 2017

Article Submitted by Jonathan Gharbi from BeerVN It was great to see Furbrew, Barret Craft Brewery and 7 Bridges Brewery open in Hanoi while East West Brewing Co, BiaCraft, Pasteur Street Brewing, Platinum, and Lac Brewing opened in Ho Chi Minh City before new years eve 2016. Barret Craft Brewery has a new and modern beer system (photo by Barret craft brewery) IsContinue reading “Happy new Beer 2017”

Indian Strong Lagers – Videos

TaLeS Of FrOtH Exploring Indian Entry Level Strong Lagers In December 2015, we shot a series of short Beer videos at Sherlock’s Pub, Frazer Town. The first video was released on March 16th, 2016 – editing is no easy task! Kudos to the hard working video team that slaved away mercilessly to produce these videos.Continue reading “Indian Strong Lagers – Videos”