Cebu Craft Beer by Diane M.

I’m Diane, a fan of Craft Beer living in Cebu City, Philippines

Cebu City is the mother of all cities being the oldest city in the Philippines. The center of trade and industry hub in the Visayas and hailed as the “Queen City of the South.” The city has a lot of interesting history. Interesting facts that will make you want to visit the beautiful Visayan city. From economy and tourism, arts and delicacies (Tourism plays a big part in Cebu’s healthy economy) The Queen City has proven that she is capable of fine and quality products that are ready for the world. Craft beer is brewed independently by local brewers, enjoying the fruits of their own take on how a beer should taste. 

Are you thirsty? Want craft beer? Cebu has a lot, but I’ll be sharing two of my favorites. Enjoy! 

Turning Wheels 

It’s considered among the best craft beers in the Philippines. Turning Wheels turns out to be the pioneer craft brewery in Cebu, sometime in the middle of 2014. Located in P. Almendras St. Mabolo, offers some pretty fine cold pints for your drinking pleasure. 
To be honest, at first, craft beer sounded so peculiar to me. I did not really know about it, that I did not want to try it. All I knew about was bottled and canned beer, and beyond such was never my thing. Until such time when a friend of mine introduced me this craft beer thing and brought me to Turning Wheels, which according to him, serves if not the best, one of the best craft beer in Cebu City. When we arrived there, I immediately liked the simple yet elegant ambiance it has. Woods dominate the physicality of it and gives me the touch of vintage, that caused me to ask him a picture. 

Cheers from Turning Wheels Craft Brewery in Cebu City

With craft beer, I did not really have the knowledge, so I let him choose whatever flavor of beer he thinks best fits me as a first timer. He chose Sunny Raindrops for me, an American Pale Ale, 5.4% abv (P230). I drank it little by little just as how I do it with bottled and canned beer. And boom! My beer experience has never been better ever since. From aroma to taste, nature at its best! So from then on, we explored craft beers together. The love for beer even caused us to do craft beer hopping. 

Among my top favorites are:
Pinch Flat Porter – 5.0% abv (P230)

Sunny Raindrops – 5.4% abv (230)

Little Big Brother – 6.3% abv (250)

Mountain King – 7.0% abv (250)
Note: Their beers are best paired with Sal’s tacos and burgers! Hhhmmm. Yum! 

A favourite view enjoying a Turning Wheels Craft Beer

Baguio Craft Brewery Cebu

Beer and live music lovers will love this bar. Located in Garden Bloc, Inez Villa St., Cebu IT Park, Apas, Lahug. It’s hard to pinpoint what you’ll love about BCBC. 
This is my to go place with friends after a daily pressure of having to perform for young people that can be released with a couple of beers. Paperwork can add stress to an already stressful job so we decided to have a little helper because sometimes we need a glass after class. I make sure not to leave this brewery without trying their Keywheat, a kiwi fruit beer 5.04% abv (P240). After exploring BCBC’s list of fruit beers, it’s about time to have some of their Ales. A type of beer brewed using a warm fermentation method, resulting in a sweet, full-bodied and fruity taste, which I really love. My favorite Ale is the Zigzagger, a triple hopped double IPA, 10% abv, 119.97 ibu (P300). Six pack sampler is also available for (P560).

Pouring one of Baguio Craft Brewery’s beers in Cebu City

Best part of my Baguio Craft Brewery – Cebu experience, is when you’re tipsy, they’ll let you perform and showcase your talent in singing. So yeah, I have often been forced to do many things I didn’t want to do. But I was surprised when I got up on a platform stage and sang my heart out. I really had a fantastic beer experience! 

Live entertainment at Baguio Craft Brewery in Cebu City.

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