Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest: Day One Photo Album and Tips

Day one of the third annual Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest is in the books, and day two is currently underway. If you haven’t gone yet: GO! This might literally be the best craft beer festival I’ve ever attended.


A full review will be up next week but for now there’s two main reasons:

  1. Joe from Bionic (the festival organizer)only invited real local and craft breweries. That means the beer must be brewed with Chinese water AND no breweries with ties to mega corporations are allowed. There’s a TON of great local beers here. 
  2. The beers, which you pay in cash or with WeChat, are priced lower than you’d find in a pub. I saw beers ranging between RMB 30-45 per glass. That’s a steal, especially for a glass of beer from Hong Kong’s Young Master, which cost me 96 HDK just a few days ago at TAP in Hong Kong.

A few quick tips if you go today. I had tons of great beer but barely scratched the surface. However, a few beers stood out.

Young Master’s Mott Street Milkshake was a heavenly blend of an IPA and a vanilla milkshake. It doesn’t sound like it should work, but it does.

And Devil’s Brew’s (from Wuhan) Hot Dry Noodle Golden Stout is a golden beer with enough tweaks to perfectly mimic a roasty, peanut butter, and chili stout. Why bother? Because it’s a take on a popular Wuhan breakfast noodle dish, and the beer even resembles the color of the sauce. It scores 10/10 on the difficulty scale and it also tastes surprisingly good.

For food, I’d recommend Magpie (at the Bionic booth). They’re serving up a foreign version of the Chinese “Hamburgers”, sometimes known as Roger Moore for those of us who don’t speak Chinese. They go for RMB 15-20 each, which is a great value!

Now enjoy some pics of Day One!

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Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, I spent 6 years in Seoul, South Korea where I was a the Editor-At-Large for Groove magazine. I now live in Shenzhen, China.

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