Korea’s Kabrew Seeking Head Brewer, Apply by Nov. 17

KOREA–If you are even remotely following South Korea’s exploding craft beer scene, the name “Kabrew” will be immediately familiar. One of the largest, and oldest, craft brewers in the country, Kabrew has expanded with a second brewery and are looking for a new head brewer to head up the project. More information is below.


Head Brewer – Fast Growing South Korean Craft Brewery (KABREW)


KABREW, established in 2000, is one of the first generation craft breweries in South Korea. KABREW is currently the largest craft brewery in South Korea in terms of sales volume as well as sales coverage. They have two breweries in Ga-pyeong, Gyeonggi province (one hour from Metropolitan Seoul, home to 10 million people). Annual production volume was roughly at 12,000 hL in 2016 and is targeted to be over 15,000 hL in 2017.

On the back of the fast growth of Korea’s craft beer industry, this year KABREW completed its 2nd brewery and are looking to strengthen the brewing team with an experienced head brewer, who can ensure beer quality is world-class. The right candidate will have a passion for growing the brewery, a desire to experiment, a deep understanding of all aspects of the brewing process (scheduling, ingredients, brewing, cellaring, packaging), strong communication skills, a positive attitude, and an open mind for Korean culture.

Specifically, the brewery is seeking a candidate with the ability to create and implement quality control processes, and who possesses experience with sours and barrel aging.

  • Brewing: The brewery currently brews the most extensive line up among Korean craft breweries (15+ beers), and expects the head brewer to ensure beer is comparable to world-class beers. The brewery is also eager to expand their line up with high ABV-beers, sour offerings, and barrel-aged beers.
  • Compensation: Competitive compensation with American standards and negotiable depending on career objectives and fit, with additional considerations for relocation (e.g. flight tickets for holiday, free accommodation, etc.; options are open for discussion depending on your career objectives), and performance-based bonuses. Health care is included, as well as free Korean lunch and beer.
  • Environment: KABREW is a small company with a family-like environment. Most employees are very young with a passion and love for craft beer. Financially, the company is very sound with competitive business results and strong support from its mother company (the oldest ham manufacturing company in Korea). KABREW encourages its employees to have global perspective by providing regular opportunities to visit overseas breweries (for example, some of the brewing team visited the West Coast of the U.S. and the GABF in 2015, and Denver-based breweries and Hong Kong’s Beertopia festival in 2016.). The brewery is committed to providing the right candidate with all the resources to grow together.


  • Education and experience: 5+ years of experience in a production brewery. Formal brewing education and experience at well-known brewery is preferred. Strong knowledge of QC procedures. 1+ years working with barrel fermentation and aging, as well as bacterial cultures. Strong desire to create challenging new beer styles.
  • Leadership: Looking for a leader that fits well within the family-like culture of current employees
  • Physical: Comfortable lifting and maneuvering malt, kegs, and oak barrels (e.g. 55+ lb repeatedly). Proper handling of hazardous materials and operation of machinery.
  • Working hours: Flexible schedule, although will require evening and weekend shifts from time to time. May require attendance at festivals and trade shows, as well as some education-related events for staff/ customers.
  • Commitment: The brewery is hoping to find someone who is interested in spending at least 1 year abroad and is comfortable with the challenges of living in a foreign country. The brewery team can assist with your transition.
  • Criminal record check, and drug screening are required by Korean Law

If you would like to apply for this position, please send your resume to Patrick Truman (patrick.truman@firstkey.com) no later than Nov. 17, 2017. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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