Celtic Pride, Boston Style: St. Paddy’s Day Weekend at Maloney’s

I recently asked Maloney’s Pub & Grill owner, and Maloney’s Brewing Co. owner, Brendan Maloney about his pub’s upcoming St. Paddy’s Day plans. (Pics courtesy of Brendan Maloney) 


What will the St. Paddy’s Day atmosphere be like at your pub?

The atmosphere is pretty lively with people, Irish or not, getting wasted on green beer and whiskey with some live Irish tunes. The festivities start on the 17th and will go on until Saturday the 19th. Live music by Mimi Roh, Earl Noble and Jordan Stewart.


What craft beer specials will you feature?

For craft beer we will try a new beer from Budnamu Brewing co. the Blonde Ale which we will dye green and sell for 4 bucks.


Are there specials on other drinks or food?

We will have 2 for 1 Jameson shots, discounted Guinness, and free green Jell-o shots. On the 17th, we will serve corned beef and cabbage; on the 18th, lamb stew with mash; and the 19th, Sheppard’s pie. Prices to be determined but will not break the bank.


When do the festivities begin?

On the 17th and 18th we will open at 6 pm, but [we’ll open] on Saturday the 19th from noon. We don’t take reservations, but we can usually find a place for everyone.


What does St. Paddy’s Day mean to you?

When I was a kid in Boston, St. Paddy’s was an awesome day. I would go to my grandfather’s house because he was on the St. Paddy’s Day parade route. All my Irish relatives would get wasted and sing “Danny Boy.” Then we would go to the parade where the Clydesdale horses would always march and take massive shits and the bag pipers would come after them and step in it. I loved that. As far as these days, I get hammered on beer and whiskey and pass out in the bar. I usually get thrown out of my own bar. It’s happened 4 years in a row.


Directions: Maloney’s Pub & Grill up in Kyungridan, just up the hill, past the church, and nestled in the alley behind Cheese-a-Lot and across from Taste of Thailand.


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