Gorilla Brewing Co Q&A on the Eve of Their Tap Takeover of Seoul

Gorilla Brewing Co. is a brand new brewpub located in Busan’s hip new craft beer mecca near Gwangalli Beach. They are being hosted this week in Seoul at Pong Dang (Thursday, March 3rd) and Hop Mori (Saturday, March 5th).

All photos courtesy of Gorilla Brewing Co.

1) Who is Gorilla Brewing Co? How did it start?

The Gorilla Brewing Co project started in early 2015 when beer enthusiasts and friends (from Korea, Britain, Ireland, etc.) set out to take their passion for craft beer to the next level. The team was built, and Gorilla Brewing Co soon materialized. One of our members, Calum Bennett, is the head brewer from Crate Brewery in London. We are all very excited about what the future holds.


2) What do you guys want to bring to the craft beer market? Who are you making beer for?

With the Korean craft beer market relatively new, we are producing beers to help with the education of craft beer. With that in mind we aim to produce clean, sessionable beers that are full of flavor.


3) What kinds of beer do you have now? Is there any that’s your signature? Will you be introducing new beers going forward?

We currently have 5 beers on tap at our brewpub: Blonde, Session IPA, Pale Ale, Stout, and IPA. Our IPA is fast, and predictably becoming our signature beer, something that we are very proud of. We will be adding to our mainline beers very soon with something very British, and another popular and classic craft beer style. There will also be seasonal beers available at our brewpub, including a fruity Wheat beer that we aim to pair with our outdoor seating area in time for spring.


4) How would you describe the differences between the session IPA, Pale Ale, and IPA to a customer who’s not sure which one to choose?

The pale is full of aroma. It’s a clean, citrusy, and fresh beer, and has a slight bitterness to it. The IPA is our signature beer that is buzzing with hops. It’s a slightly smoother and darker beer than the pale, but it’s just as fresh on the taste buds. The session is our IPA’s little brother. It’s the IPA but toned down on all levels to make it more ‘sessionable’ to those who are not familiar with an IPA.


5) Where can we find your beers in Seoul? Anywhere else other than the Pong Dang and Hop Mori takeovers? Will we see your beers in Seoul going forward?

Yes, for sure. The Wolfhound bar in Itaewon will be regularly stocking our beers. We have had a lot of interest from other bars in Seoul since opening, which we hope to announce in the coming weeks. Gorilla will also be attending the Great Korean Beer Festival in May to help promote our brand in the capital.


6) Why “Gorilla?” What does that stand for?

We set out to find a stern name that could be used as a powerful marketing tool. Something that is easy to remember in both English and Korean. A name that would enable us to develop and design a strong logo that would be easily recognizable. After a very short team discussion, Gorilla was born. It’s not the most exciting back story, so if it’s not mentioned it’s not the end of the world haha


7) Is there anything else you’d like to add about your beers and why people should come out and try them?

One of our brewpub’s unique selling points is our large viewing window into the brewery. So if customers come at the right times they could catch us hard at work (or not haha). We also have a beer garden that will be advertised more as the weather gets warmer.


Check them out here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gorillabrewingcompany/

Instagram: gorilla_brewing

Twitter: @GorillaBrewing

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