Spotlight: On Tap Fresh Beer

On Tap fresh beer has been raising some froth in Singapore lately. Following up on Smith Street Taps lead in draft beers cum hawker fare, they have established themselves at a number of locations – ex Newton, Serangoon Gardens, Chinatown Complex in addition to the production joint in Bukit Batok.

Production facility? Yes, we’re getting there – they do brew their own beers locally. I sat down with Mario Nube – their Brewmaster, who was happy to share with me his thoughts on brewing beer.

Craft Beer Asia: How did a German dude find himself brewing beer in Singapore?

Mario: Strangely it was not my calling or interest when I was back in Germany. I moved to Singapore with my wife, and started looking around for a job. Red Dot’s advertisement caught my eye and piqued my interest. I used to work in research and have a Chemistry background, so it was quite logical for me and I took the job.

I thought it would be fun(it was!) and I got really into it – researching, reading, recording observations, improving the way we did things. Today, I’m with On Tap, and with even more enthusiasm for what I do.

Craft Beer Asia: Give us a rundown of your setup – numbers, details.

Mario: We produce 200L per batch on a huge Braumeister system. We have about 21HL of real estate but it looks to be running rather tight. Our malts are from Weyermann, yeast from WhiteLabs and Weihenstephan and hops sourced globally.

Being German… I proudly say that our practices follow the Reinheitsgebot or german purity law, and we focus on high quality without any adjuncts. Our goal is to appeal to the Singapore market with quality and consistency.

We would like to expand our portfolio of beers, but that will have to wait till we add more capacity. Do look out for our next expansion at 51 Tras Street!

Craft Beer Asia: What keeps you going with beer?

Mario: To stay a brewer is to… Love beer but to be a master and not an addict, to love hard work and seeing the results of your toil, to better oneself and achieve greater things(in the future).

Some photos of the setup at On Tap!

Follow OnTap on Facebook, or contact Mario for more information.

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Found his calling as a professional brewer - life dosen't seem complete without shoveling malt, scrubbing tanks and smelling wort. Loves writing and talking beer when not making it. From Singapore.

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