First BJCP Exam in Singapore

On the 5th of December 2015 – we had a first – a BJCP tasting exam conducted in Singapore. In the past, the best options available to us were to either take the exam in locations such as Hong Kong or Australia, but the Singapore Craft Brew Club and Neo Say Wee successfully coordinated with Scott of the BJCP to have him fly in while in the region, to proctor the exam.

Over the course of 3 months, the candidates subjected themselves to rigorous study and beer styles education in order to gain a broad understanding of flavors, faults, ingredients and history – in order to make the cut for the BJCP.

Along the way there was some inevitable fallout due to time commitment and busy schedules. Nevertheless at the final exam, we had a full turnout of 15 with 2 candidates from overseas filling the spots.

Here we are with some photos of the actual exam – everyone working their noses hard.

In all honesty the exam was really kind to the candidates – we were not given intentionally doctored beers, and the last beer of the flight was a pleasant Stone Ruination 2.0. There was not much to complain about. An amusing reveal was that an ABC Stout(local, tropical) was entered as an American Stout and actually scored well on the whole – shows that commercial, macro beers are indeed well made.

And it’s a 2 month wait to know our results – if we passed or failed. Big thanks to Scott, Neo, the club and all volunteers who made this possible, as well as a great experience for us all.

Published by skinnybrewer

Found his calling as a professional brewer - life dosen't seem complete without shoveling malt, scrubbing tanks and smelling wort. Loves writing and talking beer when not making it. From Singapore.

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