Our Picks for Beertopia 2015

Hong Kong’s biggest craft beer festival is back and bigger than ever with an estimate of 551 beers available. Not sure what to go for? Craft Beer Asia helps you pick your pints!


1. La Sirène Belgian Praline – Brewed in Melbourne, La Sirène specializes in Belgian farmhouse ales which are bottle conditioned. This one’s a Belgian stout with vanilla, cacao and hazelnuts.

2. Boxing Cat King Louie – Imperial Stout out of Shanghai – rich, luscious and decadent. Boxing Cat dosen’t come in bottles, so drink fresh here!

3. Founders KBS – I doubt it is still available after the fact that it’s been listed – but I’m going for that first.

4. Omnipollo Yellow Belly – Born out of a collaboration with Buxton Brewery – a peanut butter Imperial Stout!


1. Stone and Wood Pacific Ale – A highly rated session strength American Pale. Should be a good start after day #1.

2. Young Master Ales 1842 Island – Imperial IPA with a huge dose of American and Pacific hops. More than one reason to visit this booth though – they have the Summer of 1842 Session IPA on cask!

3. Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black – An old favourite of mine – never gets old with a unique blend of flavors – not the standard Black IPA of citrus and pine, neither exactly a roasty-coffee beer – but a beautiful combination.

4. Omnipollo Mezzarin – Juicy American Pale Ale with great balance.

5. Garage Project’s Pernicious Weed – Great hop bomb with Nelson Sauvin and Rakau.

6. Feral Brewing Hop Hog – Old favourite!

7. Coedo Marihana – Google threw a lot of marijuana hits when I looked this one up. Coedo is better known for their mass market beers but I’m looking forward to this Session IPA.


1. La Sirène Wild Saison – Another offering from La Sirène – this one’s a saison with added Brett for more funky and fruity character.

2. Mikkeller Blå Spøgelse – Blueberry Lambic in a collaboration with Mikkeller and Three Floyds. Highly anticipated with the big names – and definitely worth a try.

3. Young Master Ales Tai Sui – A rye beer fermented in oak with the addition of a sourdough culture. Will beg, steal or kill for this.

4. Birra Del Borgo – More than one sour actually – Vecchia Ducale, Rubus, and the Etrusca all in the same booth.

5. Jolly Pumpkin – Bam Biere, Bam Noire and iO Saison will be available. JP is well known in the brewing world for their funky fermentations and this is a great time to sample them.

Drink Local!

Do support local and regional microbreweries, and try their flagship beers! Many breweries have popped up in Hong Kong and China over the last year or two, and a lot of them will be pouring at Beertopia. Here’s the list:

Hong Kong

Black Kite Brewery Limited
Dragons Island Brewing Company Ltd
Gweilo Beer
Hong Kong Beer Co.
Kowloon Bay Brewery
Mak’s Brewery Company Limited
Moonzen Brewery
Young Master Ales


Boxing Cat Brewery
Drunken Cat Brewery
京A Brewing Co

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