Homebrewing in Singapore

Singapore’s homebrewing scene has developed dramatically over recent years. With growing interest in the homebrew club, the launch of a dedicated homebrew store in the city, and leadership changes to the craft brew club – craft is hotter than ever. Let me introduce a few of the craft beer factions to you and also on how you can get in on the action!

Singapore Homebrew Meetup Group

Neo Say Wee
Say Wee in Cambodia at Himawari. Photo credits to yourphnompenh.com

This group was founded by Neo Say Wee, owner of The Homebrew Co-Op, brewing consultant and also brewer for Brewerkz Singapore. Meetings are held regularly every month, with members brewing the style of beer decided for that particular month. During meetings, you’ll get to sample others’ beer and rate them in a blind tasting. Feedback will be given on how you can improve, and there are plenty of experienced brewers happy to share techniques.

Singapore Craft Brew Club

Justin(Left) on one of his many tastings. Photo credits to Justin.

The SCBC has been revived this year, with lots of events lined up month on month and huge growth in membership. With the departure of the ever-enthusiastic chairman, Justin Corbitt, we now have Dave Pilgrim at the helm. There are at least 1 to 2 events each month which range from brewery tours, meet-the-brewer sessions, dinner events at craft-centric venues and recently, a homebrew showcase.

Dave(and his medal at iBrew 2014). Photo credits to Dave.

The SCBC will be stepping up and getting involved in a charity event later this year in addition to their ongoing advocacy for the craft beer.

Chen Kang(left) with Javin(right). Photo credits to Javin.

The Homebrew Co-Op

Founded by Neo Say Wee(mentioned eariler) and Hsu Chen Kang, this homebrew store smack in the middle of town provides you with possibly the biggest range of goodies you need for whatever beer style you’d like to produce. Flemish Sour microbes? Bohemian Pilsner malt? Whole leaf Nelson Sauvin hops? All of those, and more. Also helps that it’s right down the road from some watering holes.

iBrew Singapore

Raymond Lee speaking at iBrew Challenge 2015. Photo credits to brewlander.blogspot.com

Every homebrewer in Singapore surely has been to iBrew for ingredients at one point or another. Raymond Lee has been another pioneer in the craft brewing scene, getting people hooked on creating their own brews right at home. His store offers a full range of ingredients and equipment, as well as… Kegerators. Say goodbye to bottle caps forever, guys. He also holds the annual homebrewing festival/competition, called the iBrew Challenge. Look out for it!

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