The Expats Guide to Beer in Thailand

A fantastic resource from MikeE’s Travels – The Expats Guide to Beer in Thailand. The article summarizes local beers, imported European Beers, imported craft beers as well as places to enjoy our favorite beverage.

Also check out our updated Thailand Craft Beer Directory.

MikeE's Travels - The Adventures of a Kiwi in the USA

I’ve been living in Thailand for over a year and enjoy the odd beer, and by odd I mean the odder the better. Most tourists and expats only encounter the more well known brews in Thailand, and blog posts on Thai beer tend to ignore many of the interesting beers available in Thailand if you know where to look.  There are literally hundreds of beers available from various restaurants, bars, retailers and wholesalers in the capital and beyond.

Here is my Expats Guide to Beer in Thailand.

UPDATES: This page is getting a lot of traffic and will be updated regularly with readers comments and suggestions for improved accuracy. 

  • Added Wishbeer
  • Updated regarding Belgian Beers
  • Corrected ABV percentages for Thai Beers
  • Fixed error regarding Brew Dog importer

Local Brews

While Thailand’s cheap beer is an attraction for the average backpacker, its not really that exciting for any true lover of…

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