Little Island Brewing Company joins the Singapore lineup!

From outside.
From outside.

Singapore’s got a new brewpub – and it’s on the far side at Changi Village. I made a trip down and managed to speak at length with their Brewmaster, along with snapping lots of ‘behind the scenes’ photos of their setup.

Steve Spinney hails from Bali, where he used to run Storm Beer. He’s engaged to take care of all brewing for Little Island, and plans to start brewing approachable styles – a blonde, pale ales, an irish red and perhaps a stout. A few teasers of their brewery and equipment…

Serving tanks.
Serving tanks.
CIP Cart
CIP Cart
Nice roomy ceiling and rafters.
A wood-y interior.
Ready for the smoker.
A submarine of food.

Their kitchen will be up and running first, and the concept is artisan – craft beer with smoked meats. Chef John Edwards and Operations Manager Darren Hilditch were busy – making sure everything comes out right for their soft launch.

Also in progress is the installation and tuning of their self-pouring draft dispensing system – probably the first of it’s kind in Singapore. No more barmaids staggering out to tables with spilling pints in each hand during Oktoberfest… mmm.

Got to give that a try myself.
Got to give that a try myself.

All the best to Little Island for their opening – for more details do keep updated at this link. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks after trying out their beers!

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Found his calling as a professional brewer - life dosen't seem complete without shoveling malt, scrubbing tanks and smelling wort. Loves writing and talking beer when not making it. From Singapore.

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