Cebu City: Lechon, Sunshine & Craft Beer!

Travelers to The Philippines may know Cebu City as a vacation destination for diving, fun in the sun, lechon and Sinulog Festival. What I now know Cebu City for is Craft Beer, thanks to Turning Wheels Craft Brewery and Irie Gastropub. A special shoutout to GM Jan Rodriguez for the hospitality and his shared passion for craft beer.

Turning Wheels Craft Brewing Cebu City
Here I am enjoying some Turning Wheels Craft Beers at Irie Gastropub in Cebu City Philippines

I spent 24 hours in Cebu this November and found my way to Irie Gastropub in the Cebu IT Park (Skyrise 4). Aside from a fantastic menu and great service, Irie Gastropub is home to the craft beers from Turning Wheels Craft Brewing of Cebu City.

Turning Wheels Craft Brewing Cebu City Philippines
Turning Wheels Craft Beer sign at Irie Gastropub in Cebu’s IT Park

Turning Wheels has been brewing since earlier in 2014 with Brewmaster, Michael Nikkel at the helm. On my night at Irie, four of his beers were on tap including Derailed Pale Ale, Single Track IPA, Turning Point Double IPA and Single Speed Stout.

Irie Gastropub Tasting Rack
Four of Turning Wheels Craft Beers at Irie Gastropub in Cebu

Beers are served on tap in pint glasses or on a sample rack. The Double IPA was my favorite and represented the NW IPA style perfectly along with the Single Track IPA. This is some of the finest IPA and Double IPA I’ve had in Asia that is truly representative of its North American Counterparts. The Single Speed Stout was also fantastic and would stand up against anything I have had elsewhere.

If you want a good food pairing item while at Irie Gastropub, try the Smorgasms paired with the Stout. I seem to remember a young lady in a blue dress who was drooling over these.

smorgasm at Irie Gastropub
Have yourself a Smorgasm at Irie Gastropub, I did. With a stout of course…

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