First visit at the new Goldmalt in Hanoi

by Jonathon Gharbi of BeerVN

Goldmalt opened up brewery nr 8 in Hanoi a few months ago, the first microbrewery on the Northern side of Red River.

This brewery is a few months old and situated in Long Bien district. After crossing the Red River you have another 7 km to go before you can pour beer into a thirsty throat.

Gold malt Hanoi

Staff are helpful and does their best to make your visit pleasant. As a foreigner you are always surprised of the number of staff that a restaurant can have. This evening there was about 15 other customers and number of serving staff was seven. The food came in quickly and the beer was delivered with a smile.

As in all other Goldmalt brewpubs you can find a rare collection of posters and pictures of motives from Europe.  You will find pictures of blond women serving or drinking beer in all Goldmalt breweries, as of today we have never seen a blond vietnamese serving the beer.

gold malt hanoi

The food is good and both noodle dishes and their tasty ribs is recommended along with a few glases of beer. The safe card is to order french fries (don’t forget to ask for mayonaise), grilled ribs, stir fried noodles with vegtables and beef, morning glory and sausages. For a few hudred thousand Dong (15-20 USD) you will have several beers and plenty of food for two people.Goldmalt Hanoi

The prices on food are normal but the beer costs 29 000 vnd for a glas which is cheaper than in the other Goldmalts. Right now there is also some ongoing discount on beer so if you have the plan to drink every day, you might consider move in to one of the empty apartments that are available here. The blond beer is well structured and has notes of grapefruit and some bitternes from the sass hops. You get a malty and refreshing taste. The black beer has clear notes of coffe from the dark malt and is quite a good option if you want something to pair with the grilled ribs.

Goldmalt sai dong

Most restaurants and pubs are closing by 10-11 pm in Hanoi, if you want refill you better go back to Hanoi, everything in this area is closed by 10 pm. That is also one of the benefits with visiting this brewery, you can have your dinner and beers in a peaceful and quiet environment. afterwards you can take a stroll in one of the small parks in the area.

If you live in Hanoi, you can come here with the taxi / bike or take local bus 11, 40 or 59 to the shopping center Big C in Long Bien and a taxi the last kilometres to Sai Dong area. You will find many half conctructed houses and empty areas here.

Goldmalt beer Hanoi

Czech beer Hanoi

Cheers to Goldmalt, despite tough times Goldmalt opens new breweries in remote areas like Sai Dong. While many businesses are struggling with the numbers it seems like goldmalt has a winning strategy to cope with the numbers and keep on delivering cheap and good beer to the masses. Tasting panel: Jonas Hjerpe, restaurant manager from Lotte Tower and Jonathan Gharbi,

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