Manila’s First Craft Beer Festival – Cerveza 2014

by Anne Paye – Craft Beer Asia’s Philippine Correspondent

A festival or gala is an event ordinarily staged by a local community which centers on and celebrates some unique aspect of that community and the festival. Add beer, and you have something memorable as I reflect back to the first craft beer festival in Manila. What made Cerveza really special was the people and vendors that put their heart and soul into the event. I had the pleasure in not just meeting these fellow colleagues but bonding with new friends and discussing what makes their choice of career so special.

Cerveza 2014
Cerveza Craft Beer Festival in Manila, Philippines

I first started out the Fat Pauly’s (from Illigan) booth. Here’s a man that obviously is obsessed with craft beers showcasing an incredible variety at the event. I can remember perhaps almost a dozen choices. You know this man must breath beer and have beer in his veins and you can tell how passionate and enthusiastic he is. He is so dedicated to his passion and I must say that the complex flavor and variety shows it. What a great palette this man has to create these monster flavors.

Fat Pauly's at Cerveza 2014
Fat Pauly’s Craft Beer from Iligan City, Philippines

Next, I went next to my regular drinking spot, G Point, were i spent most of my time. It’s really not just about the beer. I was spending time with people that are so passionate and hospitable and share their story and love for their product and it shows with their flavours. I talked to Rose and Morgan and this is obviously a couple and marriage which equals out to “beer heaven”. Rose and her husband, Morgan, from Sweden really wanted to go ahead and brand their products after the Filipino cultures and budget, even though it’s more affordable than some of the other brewers here in the Philippines.

G Point Brewing from Manila
G Point Craft Beer from Manila, Philippines

They don’t rely on luck for the quality and integrity of their beers. In fact, they told me that in making a particular beer for the palate of Filipino cuisine that they go through thousands of litres of experimental beer to keep their product consistent. They told me the reason for this was because when a beer first comes out a week later it might be different in taste the week following. They don’t want to perfect single beer but many varieties of beer to please the palette for customer in different moods. I asked Morgan, “why moods?” he told me it’s all about how you feel that day and what your eating influences what you drink. “Really” whats your favorite it depends on my mood. Lol… He has a different love for each beer he makes and thats why each individual beer is so special to him. Makes sense to me and I cant pick out my favorite to me. Its all good!

G Point Brewing Manila
Morgan & Rose from G Point Brewing with Anne at Cerveza Craft Beer Festival

I also want to welcome our new brewers from The Philippines – Palaweño Brewing. They already craft a beer for the pallet of Palaweños. Palaweños are already known for nice beaches and their cuisine, need i say more.

Always great and consistent and never disappointing also was Beerology. I think I want to major in that course. Hahaha! They brought a variety of beers from around the world. I had some of my favorite, Blue Moon form the U.S. and Chimay from Belguim and tried a new one for myself, a Tripel, rum-like beer very crisp and fruity in taste. A little unusual, but i liked it.

Katipunan Craft Ales at Cerveza
Katipunan Craft Ales from Manila

Katipunan Craft Beers also showcased their craft beers at the festival. Food was provided by a number of food trucks and their was a great lineup of local bands to provide entertainment.

Manila Food Trucks at Beer Festival
Manila’s food trucks at Cerveza Craft Beer Festival

I know that craft beer has a good future in The Philippines. Looking at the crowd (at the festival) you have your older generation of distinguished taste but the majority was a younger and more active enthusiast which bring a bright future for craft beers in the Philippines.

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