Craft Beer Asia Experiences Singapore’s Brewpubs During Beerfest Asia 2013

Craft Beer Asia was privileged to attend Beerfest Asia in June of 2013. While we were not revelling at the festival site, we toured a few of Singapore’s brewpubs who are putting the Craft into Craft Beer and leading the way in Asia.

Brewerkz at Riverside Point was a very North American Style brewpub offering a number of fantastic in-house craft beers and a few guest taps including Singapore’s Jungle Brewing. The large patio was a great spot to people watch and relax on a sultry tropical afternoon. The Double IPA was also very very good!

Singapore Craft Beer at Brewerkz Brewpub
Brewerkz Brewpub in Singapore is located at Riverside Point and offers fantastic craft beer and a wonderful patio setting.

A short stroll along the boardwalk towards downtown Singapore brings you to Red Dot Brewhouse. Located right on the water at Boat Quay and offering a cozy patio, Red Dot Brewhouse offers up some creative craft beers made right in Singapore. As with Brewerkz, we ordered the taster rack and then went to the IPA, which was well made in our eyes, and tastebuds.

Craft Beer in Singapore at Red Dot Brewhouse
Order the sample tray of craft beer at Red Dot Brewhouse in Singapore located at Boat Quay.

Crossing the river and making your way back to Clark Quay, you will come across The Pump Room. A little higher end concept, but a brewpub offering a nice set of craft beers. Again, the IPA was quite nice! This is a great spot for people watching as the central fountains are a  hot spot for the kids as the evening sets in.

The Pump Room Craft Beer in Singapore
Located at Clark Quay, The Pump Room offers some decent IPA and other craft beers as well as great people watching while in Singapore.

Finally, we visited a couple of the concept pubs by Archipelago Brewing. Archipelago offers its brews at several pubs around Singapore that have a very unique atmosphere to enjoy some fine craft beers. The Archipelago beers are not too aggressive but offer a great alternative to the mass produced big guys. Archipelago does do seasonal one-off beers including a decent British Style IPA that I was able to enjoy.

Singapore's Archipelago Brewing
Archipelago Brewing in Singapore offers its fine craft beers at a number of concept bars around the city. Pictured are some of their Wit Beer.

So, craft beer is alive and well in Singapore through several decent brewpubs around the city. Stay tuned for our follow up stories on Beerfest Asia and General Singapore Craft Beer explorations.

Check out our Singapore Directory that is currently in its infancy.

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