Hanoi’s New Brewpub – Turtle Lake Brewing Co.

Article submitted by Jonathan Gharbi from Beer VN The new brewpub in Hanoi; Turtle Lake Brewing Company is stating the fact that the thirst for craft beer in Hanoi is as unstoppable as noodles in the night. Turtle Lake Brewing Co in Hanoi There was a big wave in 2016 with several new craft breweries in... Continue Reading →


Review: Getting Hammered at The Forge, Jeonpo, Busan, South Korea

Visit enough places in a certain city, or country, etc., and certain themes and trends begin to emerge.In South Korea, at least in Busan, South Korea, these include projections onto concrete walls, inoffensive western rock music from the 70s and 80s, craft beer and seemingly nonsense writing peppered hither and yon.The Forge Taphouse, in the... Continue Reading →

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