Craft Beer in Malaysia

…Updates coming soon.


Thirsty Magazine’s Beer Section: A fantastic resource for beer events and beer news from Malaysia and area.

2 Responses to Craft Beer in Malaysia

  1. dkatharine says:

    Ales and Lagers is a tiny but cool bottle shop in the Publika mall. They recently received a US order of Victory, Anderson Valley, Rogue and Gordon Biersch. They also update new beers on their Facebook page. You can drink in the store in nice stemware and bring food in.
    Taps is the only game in KL for draft beer (14 taps) with nice Australian and Kiwi selections. Happy hour is $7-8 US for 430ml daily at 5Pm and all day Sunday. Their website shows their up to date draft list. After three weeks in KL and talking to as many locals as we could we have found no other places for craft beer in KL. No microbreweries here as licensing is too expensive and difficult.

  2. Super Dude says:

    Update: There are now two TAPS outlets in KL, one off Changkat and the other one in Mont Kiara. As far as I know there are no other Kraft beer shops in Malaysia at the moment.

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